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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2


Fractal Audio Systems
Axe-Fx II Quantum Firmware Release Notes



Improved phase inverter modeling in Amp block. This provides thicker power amp distortion. New algorithm also includes bias shifting which results in more harmonic spectrum variation with input amplitude. This improves feel, “knock” and creates sweeter single note soloing. The new “PI Bias Shift” parameter controls the amount of phase inverter bias shift. Note that some real amps are “spitty” in nature due to PI bias shifting, i.e. Trainwrecks, and the new algorithm is designed to replicate that behavior accurately. If you find the behavior undesirable reduce the PI Bias Shift value as desired although this will reduce authenticity.

Improved output transformer modeling. This results in tighter, less boomy and smoother bass when the virtual power amp is driven hard. Note that this change may be significant and initially alarming with certain amp models. While the new algorithms are much more accurate they may be disconcerting to those who are accustomed to the old algorithms. In these cases the user may want to decrease the Transformer Drive and/or Low Res parameters in the amp block at the expense of accuracy. It is recommended instead, however, to readjust other parameters in the preset (i.e. Drive, BMT, etc.) which will achieve more authentic results.

Improved Amp block cathode follower modeling (again). This results in tighter bass and “chunkier” tones. As a result nearly all amp models that use cathode followers have been reworked with updated parameters. It is recommended that the model be reloaded by deselecting and reselecting the desired model which will load the pertinent default values. Models that have benefited the most from this include:
- Bogfish
- Brit 800
- CA3+
- Cameron CCV
- Corncob
- Dizzy V4 Blue
- Dizzy V4 Silver
- Herbie
- Recto1 and Recto2
- Solo 88, 99 and 100

Added “Dirty Shirley 2” amp model based on an earlier version of this amp with some different component values. This model is a little more aggressive than the regular model.

Changed “Bludojai Clean” amp model so that “Pre-Amp Bypass” is off (Pre-Amp Bypass actually bypasses the tone stack and increases the gain so it should be more correctly referred to as “Tone Stack Bypass”).

Changed “Brit 800 Mod” amp model. Now based on a “Santiago #34”.

Changed taper of Overdrive control in “USA Lead” amp models so that control is not so abrupt.

Replaced factory cab #62 with new “4x12 Greenback (LM)” from the “Larry Mitchell: Accurate” session.

Fixed mistakes in “Euro” amp models.

Fixed mistakes in “Cameron” amp models.

Fixed several mistakes in “Shiver” amp models.

Fixed mistakes in “Hot Kitty” amp model.

Fixed wrong transformer match value in “Citrus Terrier” model.

Fixed “Ruby Rocket” and “Ruby Rocket Brt” model names swapped. The amp’s bright switch is logically backwards (bright on is switch down).

Fixed input gain slightly too high in “Solo 88 Cln” model.

Fixed can’t cancel controller “Learn Mode” in I/O->CTRL menu.

Fixed Custom Shift menu error in Pitch block.

NOTE: This firmware has significant changes to the core algorithms. While every attempt has been made to ensure compatibility with existing presets it is recommended that the amp block be reset by deselecting and reselecting the desired amp model to load the new default values and the preset then auditioned and readjusted as necessary.




Rather than unloading and reloading the amp block, does Refresh after new FW do the same thing (like in a universal way, so the amp block in each preset doesn't need to be reloaded manually)?


Power User
Darkglass B7K ??
Is it in the the Beta guys ??
Doesn't sound like it is... nor are the bass amps that were mentioned to be coming a few months back. More waiting on bass goodies. Cool that this firmware is coming closer though... I actually use the Herbie and Dizzy models.

Edit to add: The above isn't meant to be negative or an attack or anything. Obviously a ton already went into this update.
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kit dunborg

After the first spin:
I love that bass response...
my high gain patches sound and feel the bomb!
What happened to the Uber!?!! He sounds different in a very good way!
thanks for that, all you lovely people working on that black magic box!


Fractal Fanatic
Wow, thats a whole lotta work. Totally understand why it's taking some time. Thank you for your dedication and all you give making AxeFx so remarkable. It just reinforces my choice to buy Factal products!
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