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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

Axe-Fx II Quantum Firmware Release Notes



Greatly improved Wah block. Two new parameters have also been added: “Coil Bias” parameter allows the user to adjust the DC offset of the virtual inductor. “Low Cut Freq” sets the highpass filter due to the input coupling capacitor. It is recommended that existing presets be auditioned and, in most cases, deselecting and reselecting the desired model to reset dependent parameters.

Improved Amp block output transformer to power tube interaction modeling. This results in less “smear” in the overtones when the virtual power tubes are driven into clipping.

Improved Amp block plate clipping modeling. New algorithms more accurately replicate the gradual onset of clipping and never fully hard clip resulting in a more dynamic and “open” tone. Note that the increased dynamics may result in some amp models having higher peak volumes which can result in clipping with existing presets. To remedy this simply turn down the Level control in the Amp block.

Recalculated Amp block preamp tube parameters. The “12AX7A SYL” (Sylvania 12AX7A) is now the default type as we think it sounds the best.

Improved background calculation accuracy for cathode follower parameters.

Added Solo 88 tone stack type (the Solo 88 Rhy and Lead models previously used the Solo 100 tone stack which has a different treble taper and load resistance). The Solo 88 Rhy and Lead models now default to that tone stack type.

Added Monitor tab to Tone Match block. This tab allows the user to monitor the difference in frequency response in real time. This can be used when matching real amps to identify differences in tone stack response due to manufacturing tolerances, etc.

Fixed wrong snubber cap value in Recto 2 amp models. This changes the default High Cut value to 10 kHz.

Fixed wrong phase inverter component value in all “Plexi 50W” amp models. Probably not audible though.

Fixed bug that could possibly cause crashes/lockups.

This update will NOT change the sound of existing presets as the amp modeling version will automatically be set to the version when the preset was created. To use the new amp modeling set the Modeling Version parameter in the Amp block to “Latest”. When selecting new amp models the Modeling Version will be set according to the Default Modeling Version in the Global menu. This option is only available on XL and XL+ models.
Yes, made my carpal tunnel flare up. It's worth it though, this is the best firmware in the history of the Axe-Fx IMHO.

Ahhh nice of you (specifically your hands and brain) to take one for the team given that bolded statement...! Hit your head again in the bathroom I see...? Love the enthusiastic endorsement of v6...
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