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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Firmware Released


Fractal Audio Systems
Axe-Fx II Quantum Firmware Release Notes


Improved preamp tube modeling for tubes driving cathode followers. In models that use cathode followers this results in warmer distortion with smoother decay. The shape of the cathode follower distortion can be adjusted with the new “CF Hardness” parameter found on the Advanced tab in the Amp block.

Added “Legato 100” amp model based on a certain famous Carvin Legacy 100.

Added “Capt Hook” amp models based on a Hook Captain Classic 34. This amp uses a mu follower which yields a complex distortion with smooth decay. There are six models:
1. Capt Hook 1A: Channel 1 w/ EQ and Boost switches off.
2. Capt Hook 1B: Channel 1 w/ EQ and Boost switches on.
3. Capt Hook 2A: Channel 2 with Edge switch off.
4. Capt Hook 2B: Channel 2 with Edge switch on.
5. Capt Hook 3A: Channel 3 with Edge switch off.
6. Capt Hook 3B: Channel 3 with Edge switch on.

Improved diode clipping algorithms in Drive block. As a result the following Drive models have been rematched:
o Rat Dist
o Super OD
o T808 OD
o T808 MOD
o Plus Dist
o Esoteric ACB
o Esoteric RCB
o Zen Master
o Ruckus

Fixed tone stack error in Recto 2 amp models.

Changed Presence knob taper in Recto1 Norm and Recto2 Vntg models to match actual amps.

Changed behavior of Amp block’s Preamp Comp when set to “Ideal” so that compression amount is roughly the same as when set to “Authentic”. If you are using the Ideal setting on a preset you may need to increase the Preamp Comp parameter value.


1. This update will NOT change the sound of existing presets as the amp modeling version will automatically be set to the version when the preset was created. To use the new amp modeling set the Modeling Version parameter in the Amp block to “Latest”. When selecting new amp models the Modeling Version will be set according to the Default Modeling Version in the Global menu.

2. Due to space limitations in the Mark I/II BOOTROM this firmware is not backwards compatible with presets saved prior to firmware version 15.08. This limitation only exists for the Mark I/II. XL and XL+ still maintain backward compatibility.


That was quick, just loaded in the beta last night, just put PC on and now this!!

By the way, the Bogner XTC model [from yesterday evening's schpanking of my Jem] is definitely further improved, absolutely excellent, Cliff.
The tone seems more 'complex' somehow.


Your efforts and the products that come from them are appreciated, however, I would not think less of you if you were to take a break from FW updates. I can't think of any other company like yours that continues to update the product free of charge to the extent that FAS does. This is just one reason I will be buying a 2nd AxeFxIIXL+ before the end of the year and that LB1 you have so graciously announced and that I have been asking you for. Actually I will be getting several of those and more AxeFxs, looks like all my free money will be coming your way for the next couple of years.


Fractal Fanatic
Awesome and thanks again to FAS for finding a way to include Mk I/II.
I know what I'm doing tonight... ;-)


Thanks so much Cliff! Outstanding work from you, and incredible dedication to keep pushing this unit to it's limits! Nice one! I'm sure you are very proud of how far your "baby" has come :p


Cliff, you are a master of perfect timing. I was just getting ready to go through my beta presets for the gig tonight and here we have the final 5. As usual, thanks for all the hard work and fractal community spirit.



Grateful Mk. I owner here- Thank you!! I think my Axe is perfect as is, and any firmware updates are frosting on the cake. I can't wait to take the Hook for a spin!
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