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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta


Fractal Audio Systems
Mark I/II:



Release Notes:


Added “Legato 100” amp model based on a certain famous Carvin Legacy 100.

Added “Capt Hook” amp models based on a Hook Captain Classic 34. This amp uses a mu follower which yields a complex distortion with smooth decay. The “Rhy” model is based on channel 2 and the “Lead” model is based on channel 3. Both channels are modeled with the Edge switch on and the Boost switch off. To simulate the Boost switch use the Boost switch in the amp block as it has the same amount of gain.

Improved diode clipping algorithms in Drive block.

Fixed tone stack error in Recto 2 amp models.

Changed Presence knob taper in Recto1 Norm and Recto2 Vntg models to match actual amps.

Changed behavior of Amp block’s Preamp Comp when set to “Ideal” so that compression amount is roughly the same as when set to “Authentic”. If you are using the Ideal setting on a preset you may need to increase the Preamp Comp parameter value.


New Member
Oh man! Going to try this out right now! Thanks for the continuous work you do on this!


No, the Legacy 100 is the first amp released in that series.
Okay. Now I'm confused. I'm not familiar with that amp. I tried doing a Google search for it, but the only thing I see is the new one on Carvin's website and the old one (which we already have - Cali Leggy). Help a brotha out. :D
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