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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

I'm pretty sure Cliff said something specific about fuzz pedals and left me with the impression I'd be better off throwing one on the floor the old fashioned way.

Something specific. I just can't even start to describe the many layers of brilliance that occur by putting those two words together. Well plaid, sir.
Blame it on me and the Retro Turbo Encabulator. I knew better than to have brought that off topic gateway drug to this party.
Lol. A war on gateway offtopicness sounds helpful. Possibly Google reservations might be used to confine impertinent, hilarious humor, and monitor contagious differences of eye-opening opinion.
Wait for the chorus of F5 clicks !!


... wait... wrong F5...

Here's the right one
Might the top link be a look into the future, with the Firmware Q3 contender destroying the supremacy and reign of Q2 on the historical Fractal mat?
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