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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.03 Firmware Release

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Axe-FX II Quantum Firmware 2.03 Release Notes

This version firmware allows switching between three firmware versions: Quantum 2.00, 2.01 and 2.02. In the Global menu the “Default Modeling Version” selects which version of modeling to use when choosing a new amp model and when recalling presets made with previous firmware versions. Choices are “Latest” “Q2.01” and “Q2.00”. In the Amp block the “Modeling Version” selects the version to use which can be used to override the default value. Note that changing the Modeling Version in the Amp block will load appropriate default values for the Preamp Hardness, Preamp Bias and Harmonics parameters thereby overriding any changes that may have been made to those parameters. In simple terms: if you want the sound of 2.02 set the Modeling Version to Latest, for 2.01 use Q2.01 and for 2.00 use Q2.00. Note that changing the Default Modeling Version in the Global menu does NOT change the modeling version the amp block is using. It only selects which version the amp block will use when selecting a new amp model or recalling old presets. Otherwise the version will remain unchanged.

Re-matched Friedman BE and HBE amp models using a newer reference amp as the original reference amp is an early model and has questionable QC.

Added Friedman BE/HBE V2 models based on a Friedman BE/HBE with the Voice switch toggled left. The original models (based on the switch toggled right) have been renamed Friedman BE/HBE V1.

Reduced popping when changing Amp block Preamp Bias.

Fixed popping when X/Y switching the Cabinet block and one state has a non-zero Sat value for the mic preamp simulator.

Fixed Drive block “Plus Dist” type defaulting to wrong clipping type.
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