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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.04 Firmware Release

shredi knight

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If I have understood the release note in the right way, we have to reload the amps (double Bypass)?.

From the release notes:

Improved triode saturation modeling based on new measurements. The new modeling results in more accurate saturation behavior which, in turn, results in smoother overall distortion characteristics and more accurate harmonic content. Due to the new algorithm the default Preamp Hardness value is now 6.0. Existing presets are automatically updated upon recall.


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I just installed 1.04 and went back to 1.03 three or four times. Playing with 8-10 presets I'm familiar with, I prefer the sound of 1.03. It seems 1.04 lost some of the chime and I can hear some low or low-mid frequencies that are not as tight as 1.03


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Is there a way to get 1.04 to sound more like 1.03? Turning up preamp hardness helped but didn't quite get there


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Damn - has the Brit Super always sounded this good since the first Quantum ? Not sure I've played it for a while until tonight.

Just played it for about an hour with a Les Paul.




Of my two go to amps, Fas Modern sounded a bit fuzzy/flubby with Q1.03 yet the pvh6160II sounded much more controlled and defined.

Fas Modern is back to its usual lean and mean self with Q1.04 and pvh6160II is still benefitting from the recent changes made in 1.03.

Thanks Cliff!

Now if only I could get rid of this nasty ground-hum...
Do you have a bad outlet? I was getting ground hum from mine, turns out my outlet isn't properly grounded.

Rocket Brother

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Thanks Cliff - you're continual and untiring dedication to the Axe Fx and your support for your customers never seize to amaze me.
Thank you !
The Quantum updates have been coming very rapidly, and the Axe just keep getting better and better even when we think we've surely reached perfection.
I've been doing some clinics and a lot of gigs while the Quantum updates came out and my fellow band members (who have loved the Axe for a long time) have all commented on how my rig went from sounding unreal to utterly unreal to utterly unreal'ere for every new Quantum FW.
My drummer and singer are always looking for the USB port to FW update their drum kit and voice to "FAS quality" :)
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And I am done installing firmwares. This is perfect. The HBE has something spicy going on. I have just played and noodled for an hour straight, haven't done this in a long time. Thanks Cliff. You can quit now.

Home Skillet

I just had the privilege to play Q1.03 live with great success. I'm really looking forware to Q1.04 now! Thank you so much Cliff and FAS Team!


Update didn't work for me:/ I'm currently on Q1.02. My Fractal Bot is up to date, but when I tried to update, before completion, I got an error message stating that the unit itself was trying to update manually... but I didn't touch a thing on the unit... only fractal bot. Anyone else have this issue???


The is SO amazing to me since I used an Eleven Rack for 5+ years & only got 1-update in all that time.

& I had to pay for it too!!!!

I'm just sold on everything Cliff & Fractal does now. I still can't believe that I waited this long to jump on board this speeding bullet train of awesomeness! :eek:

Thank you for your time & effort Cliff. A++

Peace! X-Mann
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