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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.04 Firmware Release


If I have understood the release note in the right way, we have to reload the amps (double Bypass)?

It sounds much more clearer an more direct, when i compare the amps on x/y, more natural like the real Thing.

The Gain structur is less "fizzy" than in 1.03.

Great Job again, Cliff! Thanks! This is a really important update.

I love the vintage amps in this FW, especially the AC 30 TB and the 1959 SLP high are a endless fun to Play....no Need for a Drivepedal, only cab an amp.


Power User
Okey dokie ... just put in 1.03, and 4 is ready before I even really explored 3! Amazing. Off to go patch the FW ... love the support around here. Keep 'em coming please!


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On stage in 10 minutes with 1.04 - fearless!
All kidding aside, 1.03 was already awesome. It's hard to imagine these amps sounding better.

Yesterday I did a show using a single preset in its variations. It was SO good I just didn't want to go anywhere else!


I knew i should hold on with 1.03 ;)
As long as you follow the instructions (i.e., let Fractal Bot complete the send operation and then carefully watch the screen on your unit as it completes the tasks of erasing, programming and verifying the update and WAIT for the onscreen message from your Axe Fx to turn off the power and keep the unit off at least five seconds before restarting), you will be golden with FW Q1.04...
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