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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.04 Firmware Release



Added “Solo 88 Clean” amp model based on the clean channel of a Soldano X-88. All channels are now represented.

Added “PVH 6160+ Rhy” amp model based on Channel 1 of a Peavey 6505+ with the Crunch switch depressed and Bright switch out. The existing PVH 6160 II Rhy model has been renamed “PVH 6160+ Rhy B”. Likewise the existing PVH 6160 II Ld model has been renamed “PVH 6160+ Ld”.

Improved triode saturation modeling based on new measurements. The new modeling results in more accurate saturation behavior which, in turn, results in smoother overall distortion characteristics and more accurate harmonic content. Due to the new algorithm the default Preamp Hardness value is now 6.0. Existing presets are automatically updated upon recall.

Fixed thumping when switching between certain amp models.

Fixed Mixer block parameters not being recalled probably from Global Blocks.

Fixed wrong cathode cap value in CA3+ Clean amp model.
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