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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release


Damn! I'm out of town for the holiday and can't even play a guitar much less download the latest FW. Now I can't wait until I get home to get 1.03. Happy thanksgiving all!
Happy Thanksgiving to all, Thanks FAS for the update. Since I got the axe fx2 in 2013 I haven't had any GAS for a new amp. Love this thing and every update. Its like Christmas all year long being part of the FAS family.


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Someone was looking for that amp model recently so I dug our 6505+ out and was surprised at how nice that channel sounds. I then spent the day modeling it.
That was me or I was one of them. Thanks a lot Cliff. The rhythm channel sounds wonderful. Great work!!!!


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I loaded up before my gig yesterday. First time taking that risk and it was so worth it. Chimney indeed


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Tweed Fenders - Deluxe and Keith Urban's Twin - are just glorious. Fell down the noodling rabbit hole for a couple of hours.

Somebody mentioned a low end thump on switching some presets - I can confirm that - new behaviour.
Thank you for verifying the thump.


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Which presets exhibit the thump? Need specifics of its to be looked in to!
Here is what I've had time to troubleshoot so far. It happens whether changing presets with axe-edit, midi controller, or front panel value knob.

When stepping through factory presets 40-50 you get a thump on almost all of them except for 43-44, 45-46, 47-48. Going the other way there is no thump on 49-48, 47-46, 44-43.


Just updated to Quantum 1.02 on Sunday.
Now there's more juicy improvement to amp modelling!!
Thanks, Cliff!
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The Hiwatt (Hipower) Jumped model is killin' it with this firmware!!!!!! I was just skipping through a few of the factory presets after the Q1.03 update, and played few chords once the 'Who's Next' preset (#96) was selected. Two hours later and I'm still on this preset, still playing, still jazzed!

Thanks Cliff, for yet another fantastic update. This one really kicks @$$!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)
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the djent is strong with this one.


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Hah.. Away for 2 days and this pops up:eek:
Great ... Thanks to Cliff. I'm looking forward to try this, as allways.

And next weekend i'm getting my new Les Paul '59 and a Cornford MK50 head with a Cornford 4x12.
Life is good :D


All right, this is stupid. I don't want to say these things over and over again, but this really is better. I didn't even know what amp I was on, because I initialized the preset in Axe Edit, but just amp and cab, first power chord and I was like - no way, you have to be kidding me. The harshness that I heard before and I thought I just didn't know how to dial it out - that harshness is gone. I mean, the tone was great before, yada yada, we all know that, but now it is just like when I heard quantum for the first time, then it was a bit harsh, and now it is even better than the first quantum.


oh and the chime on chimey amps is amazing :)

over and out. :)
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