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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release



Improved triode grid conduction model. This improves edge-of-breakup tones as it keeps the distortion on the edge of breakup more and improves high-gain tones as it tightens up the bass. Also improves feel and dynamic response.

Improved cathode follower model. This improves harmonic accuracy yielding less “glare”, more detailed treble (more “chime”) and more bite. The previous cathode follower model can be selected from the Global menu by choosing a Modeling Version other than 1.03.

Added “PVH 6160 II Rhy” amp model based on Channel 1 of a Peavey 6505+ with the Crunch and Bright switches depressed.

Fixed Dizzy and Herbie models tone stack topology. This doesn’t result in a significant change in response unless the tone controls are set to extremes (i.e. bass to zero).

Fixed wrong default Preamp Bias value in CA3+ Lead amp model.


Hi Cliff,

Thanks very much for the upgrade. I was just about to load version 1.02 and noticed you released 1.03

Can I skip the upgrade to 1.02 and go straight to 1.03 ? I'm not sure if the firmware is a cumulative set (if I am saying that right).


EJ James

Just in time for a long weekend too! I'm still on 19.x, so I'm really looking forward to having some time to explore Quantum for the first time. Combined with a couple of new guitars, this weekend should be FUN!
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