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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release


i did a live stream and tried the new cabs and amps and delays! here is the full stream, so you'll have to skip around since i'm talking to chat and figuring things out for myself:

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Christmas so soon!? Thanks FAS! Out travelling but itching to try the new amps and delays!!


I sold a nice old SF Twin to part fund my AxeFx. Looks like I just got it back!
Delighted, thanks :)
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Only an 0.0x release????


MAN there are so many things in this release that make me very excited and happy!

Thank you!!


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Thanks FAS !!! Cool news !! always stoked by FAS models , can't wait to try that Hot Rod , new delays and boost drive ... Supercool !! :D


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New amps are always nice. Very stoked to see the effects are getting some tlc as well.
Love the BBD delays.
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