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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release


Fractal Audio Systems
Mark I/II:



=======RELEASE NOTES=======
  • 1.02

    Added “Deluxe Verb Nrm” amp model based on the Normal channel of a Fender Deluxe Reverb. The existing Deluxe Verb model has been renamed “Deluxe Verb Vib” to distinguish that it is modeled on the Vibrato channel.

    Added “Bludojai Ld 2” amp model based on a Bludotone Ojai with PAB off. The existing Bludojai Lead amp model has been renamed “Bludojai Ld 1” and is based on the Ojai with the PAB on.

    Added “Double Verb SF” based on the Vibrato channel of a 1971 “Silverface” Fender Twin Reverb.

    Added “Plexi 50W 6550” based on the High input of a 1972 50W Marshall “Plexi” with 6550 power tubes.

    Added “FAS Hot Rod” amp model.

    Replaced factory cabinets 54-56 with selected UltraResTM IRs from ML Sound Lab’s “ML Brit 4x12” collection. If you enjoy these IRs you may purchase the entire collection from our online store.

    Added “FAS Boost” Drive type. This is a cleanish boost great for boosting vintage amps like Plexis.

    Added “Deluxe Mind Guy”, “Mono BBD”, “Stereo BBD” and “Lo-Fi Tape” types to Delay block.

    Fixed unable to select Mixer X/Y state from Page 2 of edit menu.

    Fixed wrong Drive pot wiring and default Preamp Bias value in Dizzy V4 Blue 3 and 4 amp models.*

    Fixed wrong default Preamp Comp value in all Dizzy V4 models.*

    Fixed wrong default power tube bias value in Mr Z MZ-8 model.*

    Fixed several errors in the Bogfish models.*

    Fixed wrong Drive pot value in Shiver Lead model.

    Fixed System backup/restore not working correctly on Mark I/II models.

    Fixed Fetch Backup Preset and Fetch Factory Preset not working properly on Mark I/II models.

    Fixed Bit Reduction parameter not listed for Sweep Delay type.

    *Note: Existing presets using these amp models should be reset by deselecting and reselecting the desired amp model.
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Fractal Fanatic
so we are getting an extra 512 slots for XL and XL+ users for more cabs? Will these new slots only show up on the PC when a new version of Axe Edit comes out? When will that be?

thanks a lot!
They have for a while now, since quantum 1 and the edit that went with it.


They have for a while now, since quantum 1 and the edit that went with it.

oh yeah, that's right, sorry, i scrolled down the firmware update info and went all the way to the bottom of the page, which was actually the version 1 quantum info i see now, dah, lol, anyhow, yeah. its all good. great update
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