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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release


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Just installed and played for 20 minutes. The updated modeling sounds amazing! I think the highs are right on the spot compared to my tube amps sitting here. Also tighter (perfectly tuned?) bass. It immediately made my main presets sound better. Seems just a touch more gain on the clean presets I've tried and bumped down a tad. Dynamics are perfect.

Thanks Cliff!! for another excellent update


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I prefer the Q1.01 indeed, tighter and more pleasant low end, I notice it especially on clean and edge-of-breakup amps (hiwatt for example). I think it's somewhat similar to how the beta quantum sounded compared to the v.1.00, great to have this option!


Yes of course .
So someone find a sound difference between the 2 firmware ?

Maybe his configuration generated with Q1.00 has slightly different effect with Q1.01.

Try one 'standard' FAS preset with plain amp , cab is the difference still there ?


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1.01 seems to bring the treble forward a little more which I like (more tubey). it's easy to bump it back a notch on treble control if you don't like
Legendary, thanks Cliff.

By the way, these are the release notes:


Fixed sending IR to a scratchpad location does not update if using Cabinet 2.

Fixed several mistakes in Herbie models.

Fixed timeout when backing up system data if preset has high CPU usage.

Improved CPU usage.

Cliff, can you please tell me specifically what the tonal differences are in the updated Herbie models?

Herbie has been my main bae ever since I met her at Quantum 1.00..
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