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Axe-FX II MIDI Thru extra 120ms delay


New Member
Hi there,

I have the following MIDI setup:

MFC-101 ----> Axe-FX II ---> RG16 ----> AmpGizmo ---> TC2290

My RG16 and AmpGizmo rely on the CC message to enable correct Amp channel.
With this setup, there is a quite annoying extra delay while I try to change the preset.

The following MIDI messages are capture at the MIDI thru port of Axe Fx II.

AxeFX-II MIDI Thru.jpg

Right after Program Change message, there is a approximately 120ms gap between the Program Change and CC messages (in this debug, it is even worse at 182 msec). That's the root cause of the annoying problem.

The following MIDI message captured directly on the MFC-101 MIDI out verified that the 120ms delay is caused by AxeFX II.
As you can see there is only 10 ms between Program Change and CC messages.
MFC-101 MIDI Out.jpg

Will greatly appreciate if any one shed some lights on how to overcome the problem.


Fractal Audio Systems
MIDI Thru is a "soft" thru. It the delay is problematic for you then you need to change the order of things or use a MIDI splitter.


I agree.. when I had a separate unit rack, I hit my preamp first, then everything else, so it would be instant, and if any other lag would be less noticeable.


New Member
Thanks for the prompt response.

I do understand by adjusting the order of the MIDI chain may resolve the problem, but that won't be able to have the benefit of EtherCon for combining the MIDI and Phantom power on the same cable.

I'll try to make the TC2290 as the first device in the MIDI chain, and see if there is still a noticeable delay presents.
If TC2290 does not have such 120ms delay between PC and CC messages, then this is specific issue for AxeFX II needs tone addressed.


i love that the AXEFX forum auto corrects "to be" to "tone".

or maybes its just the forum users slip of the tongue/fingers:)


Fractal Fanatic
i love that the AXEFX forum auto corrects "to be" to "tone".

or maybes its just the forum users slip of the tongue/fingers:)
There is no auto-correct in this forum. It's probably your OS (windows 7 and 8 have a default auto-correct that you can turn off).

Also, Cliff already said that this is a design limitation so it can't be adressed without constructing a new unit. ;)

I'd say don't bother with all that problems and just get used to having an additional MIDI cable directly from the MFC.
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