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FS Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 Mk I, Humbuster cables


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Folks -

It's time to shift generations for me. I have had the II since 2012, and loved every minute of it. I have just recently upgraded to a III and an FC-12. First thing I did was transfer all of my patches from the II (thanks to Al Grenadine's super Axe-Tool).

I wasn't sure at first, but now I'm pretty happy with the III. I'm really still learning what the III/FC-12 are all about.

$1400 is a fair price - I paid closer to $3k when they were new.

Please PM me for any other info.


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Yes - you'll need an Ethernet cable for the MFC-101 (or I could throw you in a short one) - I used to use a 25 foot cable. The Axe-FX II has been racked at home its whole life - very little if any wear. Let's take this to private messaging if you'd like to go further.
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