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Axe FX II - High gain amp showcase, 13 amp models


I've been working on this for a while now and I finally finished it a few hours ago. It ended up being 17 minutes long, maybe a tad too long for a video like this. It took me a couple of hours to upload too. It was a massive undertaking but I learned a couple of things about video editing along the way and I'm really happy with the result :D

It might get a bit confusing with 13 amp models on display. For your convenience (and mine :lol) I've included timestamps in the description so you can "browse" through them and compare tones with ease.

This is my way of saying a big thank you to Cliff and everyone at FAS for coming up with this amazing black magic box. It has literally changed my guitar playing life :)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while making it.



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Excellent! Super job! Very enjoyable to watch. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm off to get some anger management counselling now. :p
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Scott Peterson

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FREAKING RAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dig it man... that's solid work and very cool. Great video, stellar tones and the brootlz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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So badass! One of the best videos I've seen. Informative, with great tones and also some cool video effects. Awesome!

This video is great for folks on the fence about the Axe-FX II. That video will definitely sell folks on how cool the unit is. :)


Super awesome work! I noticed that on some of the amps, you used PEQs and GEQs... also I saw that you used compression in the SLO. Care to tell us why you put those in the patch... i.e. what frequencies you needed to take out or enhance? Did some amps just not sound good on their own for your purpose?

Thanks for your impressive work.


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Oh my god. OH MY GOD. That was unbelievably sick. And unbelievably informative. And undeniably badass. You win everything ever in my book. Thank you for this.

If you are a member over at sevenstring.org you should totally post this; the peeps there will cream their jeans.

Also, you are like a spitting image of a good friend of mine but with hair. I couldn't help but giggle about that the whole time.


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eeeeeeeeeeeeeexcellent, I believe youve uploaded several of the patches in the past, would be wwwwwwwwonderful to get updates! thanks so much, youve made some of the best working patches for my setup!


nice job :)

would have loved to see only the amps changed (same cab and eq settings withouth drives in front) to have it more as an comparison.
the way u did is to show the flexibility .. 13 amps 13 different sounds but all usefull and awesome !
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