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Axe-Fx II fw 17 Released

Problem with the shift Presence switch in the USA amps

I downloaded firmware 17 to my AX FX II in which all seem to transfer just fine. But attempting to use the shift Presence switch in the USA amps, the icon switch doesn't show under the "Presence knob as per the instructions. The weird thing is, briefly it did show up on both the AX FX and AX editor then they both disappeared. What do I need to do. Also I found my preamp screen to be blank in, I belieive it's in the cable block. Help help somebody
I might have posted this in the wrong place
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Loaded it today without a hitch. I've been dormant on the forum since FW15. I only spent time with the FAS modern and VH4 Blue ch3 They sound great. Of course they sounded great before too.
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