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Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 7.00 Available


thanks cliff! will download after my gigs this weekend. question: i noticed in the V.7 beta that the volume levels in my drive blocks were much louder than they were in V.6.02. is this because of the mix/level bug in the previous firmware?


I bought my AxeII and it had the 6.0 firmware, I haven't updated yet. Do I have to install 6.02 or can I go ahead with 7.0? Also do I need to reinstall all the factory banks?


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The dedication and constant updates from Cliff are one of the main reasons I wanted an AxeFXII. I love the fact that Cliff is always pushing the boundaries and never settling. As incredible as the AxeFXII is, its continued evolution is a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. It really is like a gift that keeps on giving the whole year through! Thanks Cliff!


Is it this?
1. Upgrade Axe Edit
2. Upgrade the firmware using Axe Edit
3. Install the preset banks using Axe Edit

Almost. You don't need to update Axe Edit (and afaik there isn't a special update for fw7 available).
Just open up Axe Edit and then it's basically:
For each bank in [A, B, C]:
Source = bank
SendBankToHardware(bank) # (via the "Save As" menu)

Hope this helps.


I just upgraded to 7.0 without changing anything on the AxeFx2
THe latency is now huge! It doesn't feel right. I must be missing something.....please someone help!

The latency is high even when the unit is standalone (USB disconnected)


7.0 kills TMA data for me.
Neither restoring from internal flash backup nor using Axe-Edit does work.

After downgrade to 6.02 and restore from internal flash backup TMA is there again!


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Excessive CPU usage flashing when I tried the download, never got this before, should I change my buffer size? Its set at 256
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"total sync" does not work for me using 7.0 / 1.0.317 / 2.11 (Axe-Fx II/Axe-Edit/MFC-101). Axe-Edit does not follow patch changes by Axe-Fx or MFC. Axe and MFC follow patch changes in Axe-Edit.

After downgrade to 6.02 / 1.0.317 / 2.11 everything works again!

(BTW this is my first ever downgrade of any Axe-Fx II, MFC-101 or Axe-Edit release ...)
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