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Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta


This update is amazing, blows my mind!
I was struggling to chase that amp-in-the-room feeling with my CLRs.
I tried a bunch of IRs and thought "yeah now sound is great!". But when I turned on my Cab (2xEVM2L) I suddenly realized the CLRs sounded like a monitor
I actually was considering selling the CLRs.

... but when I tried this update and did what Cliff wrote:
5. To really hear and feel the effects turn up the MV and LF Res. Don't be afraid to turn LF Res close to 10. In fact some Celestion and Eminence speakers are equivalent to about 8-9 on the LF Res. This will increase the interaction between the power tubes and the speaker load.
6. Also, to "really" hear and feel it, crank it up LOUD.
... BAAM!

What a massive sound. When cranked it feels like a full stack and the monitor feeling is gone.
(Now it's time for the Cab to retire)
Oh no.....I'm at work....Axe and CLR at home....desperate to try this now. Maybe there's hope that I can stop continually messing around with IRs and PEQ blocks at last!!! :)


I have to totally agree that this update made ALL the difference with my active CLR cabs. I too had to reset the amp, but once I did, it was like the CLR's came alive and the sound completely opened up. Playing through the CLR's is now like playing through my GT1000FX and (2) 2x12 cabs....except with waaay more options :)

Thanks Cliff and team!!!

Just to be sure. Is it now recommended to turn MV and LF res up when using High gain amps like Dual recto and 5153? At the moment my high gain amp MV is between 2,5-4 depending the amp.
It isn't necessary to turn up the MV and LF res in order to get the benefits of the FW. However, what I've noticed is that following this advice on a lot of my high gain patches has made them sound better. Not ALL the time, but as a general rule. For example, my FAS Modern II patch just didn't cut as well until I bumped the MV up from 2.5 to like 3.5-4, and then putting the LF res up to somewhere from about 6.5 started to make that patch just SLLLLLLLAAAAAAAY!

The biggest thing is to just feel it out. Some amps still sound best with low MV, in my opinion.


Just to be sure. Is it now recommended to turn MV and LF res up when using High gain amps like Dual recto and 5153? At the moment my high gain amp MV is between 2,5-4 depending the amp.
I've been trying out the new approach on some of the high gain amps, mostly on the amps I used to own.
Higher MV/LF Res opens up the amp and the harsh seems to disappear. The amp EQ’s response a little bit different, in a good way. I’ve been using the CLRs and had to lower gain/deep when I increase the MV/LF Res.
When I A/B the two settings (x/y), when y is with the high MV. The y sounds like a real amp and x is the mic’d amp sound


Thanks guys for the quick answers! I just played with the Low Res parameter in my FAS 6160 patch and i really liked to leave it on 8.5. It gave more punch and at the same time the feel was tighter.
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Finally had the guts to update to 12.04 yesterday and instantly tried my UV777PBK to a Friedman. I haven't played that guitar since FW6 because the Floyd Rose went out of tune too much. It didn't sound too good back then but now after I got a new Floyd Rose and Axe FX II in FW12.04: mind blown... Awesome work Cliff!


Fractal Audio Systems
Just to be sure. Is it now recommended to turn MV and LF res up when using High gain amps like Dual recto and 5153? At the moment my high gain amp MV is between 2,5-4 depending the amp.
As you increase the MV you drive the virtual power amp harder. As you drive the virtual power amp harder the frequency response becomes more dynamic, just like the real amp. And, just like a real amp, there is a sweet spot where the compression, dynamic frequency response, distortion, etc. just feel "right".

The particular settings for the sweet spot depend on the Input Drive, tone controls, etc. so there are no hard-and-fast rules. So, as always, use your ears. And don't be afraid to use your ears. You'll be a better player when you learn how the controls interact and how to find the sweet spot. The great players in guitar history new how to work their amps. They didn't rely on someone else to tell them where to set the knobs, they learned themselves.


Power User
So that sounds like the perfect Beavis and Butthead... Find the sweet spot... He said knobs... Huh huh... They learned themselves... Huh huh


Power User
Just a FYI, The "update all presets" option in the utility menu gave me a jump start. I'm back in the saddle again :D


Seriously Fractal... it's the thirteenth year of the day I started dating my wife, and I have to wake up to see this?

Who's got two thumbs and will likely end up sleeping on the couch tonight?

Amen to that, brother! You live in my world! Supposed to be having a night in front of the TV....err...noooooooooooo!!!!


It's a valid point though....there's A LOT more to learn with the axe. More you could potentially do with it, but much more to understand, IMO.
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