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Axe-Fx II Firmware V11.01 and New Preset Banks


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Question- now that I've redone all my presets Amp levels and EQ after the changes 11 made, will this update fix screw me up by reverting things to 11b status?


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I just updated to 11.01.

I noticed in Axe Edit 3 that the mode control is still not showing up for the looper. It is there on the front panel of the Axe FX.



Never mind. Apparently the new Level parameter in the gate was set to 20.0 db for my FAS Crunch preset. It appears to have been the only one affected. This probably happened with 11.0 and I didn't notice until now.

Can someone check the FAS Crunch model? It seems to be hosed for me in 11.01.
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