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Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

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Tbh every fw that comes after the purchase of the hardware is a free gift we have not paid for, so whatever it does, it’s something everyone in this community should be thankful for as opposed to suggesting different improvements (especially when the hardware has been discontinued). Just my 2c


I may wait for the final release to update but I know this will be another step forward as usual. Nothing surprising to me about that after witnessing 7 years of outstanding, faithful service as an owner of a II and member of this forum. I only wish this kind of thing was the norm and not the exception with other companies. Thanks Cliff and co. for all the hard work!


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Tbh every fw that comes after the purchase of the hardware is a free gift we have not paid for
Technically we haven't handed over cash specifically for these updates. That said, Fractal Audio is a successful and respected company in large part because they have built a track record of continually improving their software beyond expectations. Both past and future purchases of Fractal Audio hardware are a byproduct of that track record.

Of course, this firmware release will be above and beyond....even considering Fractal Audio's remarkable history. It will be the second time that they have pushed their hardware to it's practical limits before moving on. That makes me feel very good my purchases from them...including the AX8 that I gig with and the Axe-FX III and FC-12 that are keeping my office warm at this very moment!


Wow, what a guy. Thank you so much, Cliff! I know of a few guys who bought units based on my urging recommendation and I standby my word that Fractal's service is on par with their innovative products. Thank you for all the years of free updates, truly.

Guess I'll have to look at getting a III now... :D


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However.. bear in mind AX8 10.00 released July 2018 already "incorporates some of the “Ares” modeling from the Axe-Fx III."

Not clear if this just catches the II up to the AX8, or goes one better.. in which case I would imagine a new AX8 firmware should be coming... maybe??

EDIT: checked and saw the Quantum 10 for the II also said "incorporates some of the Ares", just like the AX8 back in July. So ya, the II must be ahead of the AX8 and I'll assume AX8 update probably coming soon.

Carry on.
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This is awesome! I was totally happy and content with the sounds I've been getting from my II. This is a total surprise, and shows how much of an awesome company Fractal is. Thank you!
The more I play with this firmware, the more I feel it is a massive improvement. I didn't really care for 10.01, it sounded somewhat 'dull' (for want of a better word). Now everything sounds incredible, the amps are more distinguishable from each other and it feels amazing to play. I may end up getting a III at some point, but I am so happy with how the II sounds now.


Massive thank you Cliff. Will be a long time before I can afford a Axe III and really happy with Axe II for now. Fractal is easily the best company around for customer service. Im forever grateful for what Cliff has done.


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Like everyone else, I just had to record my appreciation here. The extra effort for us Axe 2 owners wasn`t expected; by me, anyway. What a truly rare relationship with your customers. Loyal for life for me!
Am I the only one who doesn't look forward to updates so much.....just when I finally dialed in 7.0 lol
Tried 8 and went back to 7 and haven't touched it until now. Latest beta: everything is just better. Simply better.

So far tweaking my favorite presets has been a piece of cake. Simply reset the amp block and I like it better. Really. A few tweaks and it's perfect. I swear my Mark 1 Axe FX 2 has paid for itself several times over in saving on other gear. (who am I kidding I buy more guitars now)
Thanks Cliff for standing by this product so long...it's been quite a ride.

Been thinking about adding an AX8 as a simple portable unit. Think I'll hold out for whatever the next version of it is....but I'm in!


Thank you Cliff, for all the gifts.
Would have bought a III, if the bills didn't drain the savings.
All the best to u and yours.
Time to jam...


Jammed on 10.01 for a couple hours, dug the heck out of preset built out of 025, Friedman amp.
Loaded Ares 1.0 beta, same preset and yes, crazy tone filled, dynamic touch sensitive inspiration,
instantly renewed my plans of obtaining a III.
Thanks again Cliff and all that made it possible.


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Thanks a lot Cliff for all work of this years with fractal 2. So grat grat service. I am so happy with my fractal2!!
Long live Fas


I will release a final version of this firmware in a few days. That will be the last update (barring bug fixes) for the Axe-Fx II.

I spent a lot of time porting the Ares stuff to the II as a gift to the community. It's time that I could've spent working on new products. Thank you to those who actually appreciate that effort and particularly those who expressed that appreciation.


Removing amp models doesn't solve the memory problem. Those go in external data memory. The problem is internal code memory is full.
I'm extremely grateful for your efforts on what goes above and beyond what I think any of us deserve. I really truly wasn't expecting this. That being said I'm curious about some new amp models that were placed on the whole soon™ list years ago back before the III was revealed. Is it at all possible we'd see the new amps that were promised make it to the II when the time comes? I think the Victory Kraken and PRS Archon were two that I remember being mentioned
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