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Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

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Anyone know the latest versions of firmware and axe-edit that are supported / safe?

Is it Axe-FX v7 and axe edit 317? I can't wait any longer and am going to go back (not a dig.... Just need a working setup including editor again)


Ok. Been using the private beta of 9 for a while now. Loved every bit of it. Now with the public version Im even happier. The Scene support feat in the mfc looks good. Now can you see the bypass status of the blocks (within scenes) with the leds? Or its still as it was? Just switching through scenes with no indication of the blocks on/off???

That would always be a great addition.
Cliff one thing though, any chance of a girlfriend generator block??? It would help, considering the Axe is my job, rest and leisure.

Thanks again for a great upgrade!!!


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Come on guys, lay off with the axe-edit trip... I'd much rather have my Axe sounding as best as possible than an editor any day. It's already been said that it will be released soon. I'm sure FAS just wanted to release some "pressure" by releasing the firmware(s) beforehand. Just remember, if you want to use Axe-edit, use it with 7.x.

P.S. Just remember that we just got over $10,000 in new amps to play with!
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