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Axe-Fx II Firmware 11.04 Up


Fractal Audio Systems
We were going to wait a while to release an update but there was a somewhat nasty bug related to Global Blocks.


Release Notes:



Added speed (SPD) vs. position (POS) options to Modifier Auto-Engage parameters. The SPD options engage the effect when the controller changes more than 5% in any 20 ms interval (as before). The POS options engage the effect when the controller value is 5% greater than or less than the Off Value (depending upon whether the Off Value is less than or greater than 50% respectively). For example, setting the Auto-Engage to SLOW SPD will bypass the effect when the controller value is less than, say, 5% (default). To engage the effect the controller (foot pedal) must be moved more than 5% in a 20 ms interval. This requires that the pedal be moved somewhat rapidly and prevents the effect from engaging erroneously if the pedal droops. Setting the Auto-Engage to SPD POS will bypass the effect in the same manner but the effect will engage when the controller exceeds 10% (5% + 5%) regardless of the rate of change.

Added “Recto1 Org Nrml” amp model based on the “Normal” mode of an original two-channel Mesa Dual Rectifier.

Added “Recto1 Red Mdrn” amp model based on the “Modern” mode of an original two-channel Mesa Dual Rectifier.

Added “ODS-100 Lead 2” amp model. This is a “non-HRM” version of the ODS-100 Lead.

Added “Bogfish Strato” and “Bogfish Brown” amp models based on a Bogner Fish preamp.

Renamed all existing Recto models to “Recto2...” to differentiate between original two-channel models and newer three-channel models.

Improved Room reverb algorithm.

Fixed SYSEX_SET_DEFAULTS message not working properly (incorrectly changing X/Y state to X regardless of previous state).

Fixed errant pointer causing problems with Global Blocks.

Fixed problem editing IR names in TMA export and IR Capture Utility.

Fixed wrong presence frequency in “Hipower” amp models.

Fixed Arpeggiator indexing wrong notes when using Custom scale.


Fractal Fanatic
Damnation!!! I on the road and not near my AXE for some 6 weeks!!!

oh yea! Thanks for your hard work and apparently non existing vacations ;)


Another Dumble. Perfecto! Hey Cliff, did that Tube Driver you were waiting for arrive? That's what I'm waiting for. Hopefully it'll be in the next firmware. Thanks!


YES!!!! A Bogner Fish!!!!!!
I can't believe I just successfully pulled off a standing back flip as soon as I read this, never even dreamed of attempting it.
I begged for this for years, so many bumps I felt I was alone in the cause, but I kept at it
2 channel recto is another plus, I sold mine to fund my Ultra :D

I am now officially complete for every amp I've wanted in the AxeFx
Every amp I've ever had (excluding my first, a old pos Gorilla) and every amp I've ever dreamed of ~ it's all there now
WOW!.... I'm so speechless and yet somehow able to type words with my numb over excited fingers

Thank you so much! \m/O\m/


Power User
Bogner Fish and Mk1 recto. This is awesome.

This is even more awesome because I'm away from my axe until Sept 2014.

*massages ears murmuring a mantra to calm down* :)
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