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Axe Fx ii expert in the NYC area? Looking for lesson/programmer


Hey, I would be willing to pay for someone in the NYC area to help with some basics for live gigging. I'm fine with effects, but amp sounds /drive sounds/levels and soundchecking my rig is what I need. Did a gig last night and e erything turned too bright and I pushed the tweeter to hard. Things like that too. I know the axe requires a learning curve but I simply don't have weeks to get this "right" and I need basic sounds. Anyone out there know someone who can help? Thanks!


If you lived in a place with more people, that would probably help......:p

But seriously, good luck, it'll work out, it's just all trial and error my man, cheers.
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Thread update-Matt (admin M) in his awesomeness spent some time with me on the phone and helped me plan a strategy for tweaking/equipment checks. I am doing MUCH better already. I'm an inch away from being able to ditch my old boogie rigs. Long live Fractal and thanks a million Matt!


How does the basic presets work? I will be coming to NY for few days and will be buying Axe II very soon. I don't know much about Axe II but would love to get together and check yours. :)
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