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Axe fx II controlled by a gr-synth?


I'm gonna have a gig soon where I have to use scene change/volume swells, the things is I have no pedalboard or money to buy one soon, it's nothing so complex that I can't do one the axe it self, I've automated the volume swells, and I can manage to change scenes.
But I do have a rolland gr-20, and I was wondering if I could connect with midi and use it as a pedal board?


I control my XL+ with a TC Electronics Voice Live 3.

You will need to see what midi messages, if any, the gr-20 can send.

It will take some knowledge of being able to read midi specs and possibly reverse engineering the midi messages with a tool like MidiOx.

One of the cool features of the XL+ is you can assign controllers to midi CC messages by sending the message to the Fractal. It will listen to the midi in and automatically assign whatever CC you send to the controller.


Thanks! So, how can I learn more about that?

I guess maybe Google / YouTube?

I learned it all in the 80's when midi was first invented. You had to know the whole spec and the fiddly bits to program synths and use software sequencers.
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