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Axe Fx II can be "Microphonic"


I just noticed that a couple of my patches are resulting in the Axe chassis becoming micro-phonic.
Even with out a jack inserted in ANY input.
Boy, talk about tube amp realism!
I'm not saying this is desirable, I'll have to play with it before the weekend gig, and dial it out.
I'm thinking my gain structure is way off in one of the blocks, and I just compensated elsewhere...?
Any suggestions are welcomed!


Fractal Fanatic
I am 99% positive that this is pretty much impossible, considering the Axe is ... well ... digital.

Can you record the issue?


Power User
No, that really does happen. Use enough gain and play at +100db and experience it yourself. I've had the Axe start feedback on its own while wailing with heavy fuzz. :)


A component in the Axe seems to be acting like a small microphone!...really.
Try it on some of your High Gain patches, tap on the Axe handles on the front, I betcha hear the same thing.
You even hear the effects in the grid responding, so it's definitely on the front end. Doesn't matter if your guitar is plugged in (terminating the input) or not.
BTW, I'm still running FW 15.04.
Curious if you guy's get the same result?


Fractal Audio Systems
This can happen to anything with enough gain. Don't locate the unit on top or in front of the speakers.


This can happen to anything with enough gain. Don't locate the unit on top or in front of the speakers.
I think some of the feedback in the 3k to 5k range was happening due to this on one particular patch this weekend. Peak xover oint for the horn on the 15" 2 way horn cab I had to use.
I ended up laying a piece of cardboard over the horn for the last 2 sets. The cab was about 4' away, behind me, facing upward (45 degrees)..appx. SPL@ 100 dB.
I had the global EQ dialed sloped way down from 1k up. Also using an SSH strat. Bridge pup was being utilized.
I'll play with it tonight to isolate the issue, and post my findings...thanx for the quick responses!
How many end users can ever expect a direct response from the owner / engineers of the company!......Fractal Audio is up in customer service and satisfaction!


There is still has to be some analog devices in the signal path. Maybe I need to put the little "metal" tube covers back on =)


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My AF2 has FW 15.03 and I don't even have to have mine on top of a cab to cause the issue. A Snare, Toms or Kick drum can cause it even if my AF2 is 10ft away. It also happens with the factory presets.


Power User
How loud is your rig when this happens? At some dB level, a really loud acoustic signal is going to disrupt the fabric of space time, and begin to disrupt a circuit, like those disruptor beams on star trek. It should be easy to de-couple the Axe from the sound. A rubber jacket might do the trick for Apollo launch pad dB level work. :encouragement:
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