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Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

AJ Vargas

AX8 crowd wipes a lone tear from their eye

The awesome news is that Ares 2.00 IS coming to AX8!!! But for now, it's time for Cliff to catch a well deserved rest and get better, as he's been sick. Yeah... I can wait.

Thank you so much for the update! I just wanted to ask, if anyone noticed, that the JP2C+ models are now missing? I'm sure, those were in the AXE before. I now only have 266 amp models instead of 269. I did recently the factory resets for the presets, but this should not change something like that right?

246 USA JP IIC+ Green (based on Mesa/Boogie JP-2C John Petrucci signature model)
247 USA JP IIC+ Red
248 USA JP IIC+ Yellow


My IIXL has been a wonderful ride and could take me into the sunset..
Of course the III has so much CPU headroom that I might never wish I'd had more if I purchased it...
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Can't believe that us lowly II folk are still getting new firmware. It's literally amazing that Cliff would even do this. He has no reason to other than straight up kindness to his customers. This is the type of thing that will have me using Fractal Audio for life.

Seems like I'm noticing the biggest differences on the Marshall amps. Feels/sounds like some of their treble was rolled off and some of the high end was warmed up. Am I cray cray?


He has no reason to other than straight up kindness to his customers.
Well, one can imagine other reasons. E.g. to keep the II the second best modeller out there for the foreseeable future. No idea how close e.g. Line6 are today, but if I were Cliff I'd love to keep my two newest units on place 1 (that one isn't in danger of course) and 2! :)


This is great! thank you to FAS and thank you to Cliff...
Back to dialing the knobs :)
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It's f`..king unbelievable, Thanks to FAS (Cliff) !! Ares 2.0 sounds even more like tubes to my ear, it's rolling and rolling and very tight. And it seems for me the characteristic difference of all the mod. amp types is a lot more easy to hear. (my first impression)

(Of course in the seperat groups, High gains, cleans, rhythm)
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Fractal Fanatic
I almost like the feel of the this compared to my AXE-FXIII, at least on my main heavy preset. My 3 is on CLR's in the practice room and my 2 is in the studio so not a fair comparison.


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Amazing! Thanks so much. If you added the tone match somehow I would not be mad at all, in fact I’d probably crack a nice smile.

Thanks Cliff
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