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Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release


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Sept 29, 2019...
FWIW, I'll be porting some of the Axe-Fx III 9.xx changes this week. I woke up yesterday and figured out a way to use a single modeling data file for all products going forward so we won't have to maintain multiple files.
It would be awesome if we could close out 2019 with an Ares for II update via Cliff's new unified data file.
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I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. (1) it's the holidays, (2) Fractal Audio is in the middle of a complicated product launch, and (3) updates for an EOL product are undoubtedly the lowest priority...even if it wouldn't be crunch time.
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I just stopped in to check if there may have been anything over the new year as well lol. I don't expect anything but you never know. I've had my Axe Fx 2XL+ a good 3 years now and still get excited every time I pick up my guitar to play. It has not lost it's new toy appeal yet at all. I would love to own a 3 as well and probably will some day but I am perfectly happy with the 2. I might even wait for the 4 or whatever they come out with next.


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Maybe there is no physical effect of optimism, and no equation to demonstrate its impact. But a lot of care has gone into the community, and a lot of support, and for this I thank the Fractal team. It kind of makes my glass half full no matter what happens.

In Punxsutawney the glass is half empty because its like your greatest show will never fully happen, while the glass is half full because you get better and better with your playing. This is kind of like the II. It could a little get better and better, but the effort won't lead to the most ultimate success for your product line. If I started a virtual guitar amp company with unlimited power and flexibility, and unlimited upgrades, I think I might name it the Groundhog Amp System. Short for GAS.


I think they mentioned something about the size of the FW files here. But nothing new in a matter of sound; I think it was some of that. Sorry if I'm wrong.


Hello Cliff and FAS team, could you please port the most of latest axefx3 firmware to the 2xl+, and eventually add some amps like the JP2C ?
(costs nothing to ask politely haha)
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