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Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release


The Axe-Fx II is EOL. There will be no further firmware updates."
Jp2C was the amp that I waited since the moment it had been presented by Mesa/Boogie. I guess many funs of Petrucci hoped to get it as well. There were many other improovments so far, many amp were added to firmware, but unfortunatly now we don't have JP2C into the AXE-2.
Anyway, I was really glad to deal with such a great company and the best support ever. Thanks Cliff and team !


Why do people keep asking or hoping for more updates? Cliff has been very generous giving us II users ALL he can to a discontinued unit and said there is NO more. Sure, we would like more goodies and ‘improvements’... but c’mon... what company gives you so much, and a processor that does so much and does it great. Stop being greedy.

And, with all the Mess sims... you can most likely dial in a JP2C+ pretty damn close.

Dale LeClaire

And, with all the Mess sims... you can most likely dial in a JP2C+ pretty damn close.

I agree, no doubt you should be able to get really close. I bought ML Sound Labs Mk V amp pack (awesome BTW), which is set up from the IIC++ model. So if that can be done I don't see why a JP2C+ wouldn't be possible. Heck, maybe Mikko will do a preset pack for it :)


Today I a had the chance to play really loud in my musicroom with studiomonitors - not every sound was great like I dialed in the last days since Ares 1.03. There´s a lot of High End on amps like Mesa II/IV. I had to turn down the Highcut in the cabblock till 7500 - 8000hz.

But I love glassy highs on the AC 30 TB, sounds now really different to the AC 15.

A tribute to the more realistic sound - more amp compression, more highs? Anybody else here with similar experience?


I found the new firmware to have less compression and more mids. Maybe it sounds more compressed to you because you are playing loudly?


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The 1970 sounds like the first Marshall i heard someone play through. Gained up, it has that nice razz on the top end.


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I was waiting a bit because I was not sure if axe-edit was bug free for this release. Could someone verify whether it’s safe to jump in the water? :)

dr bonkers

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Wow! Just loaded it up again as 1.02 was a wee bit unstable for my Mark II.

1.03 is very gainy but cool. My go to 5150 Block amp went from Input Drive of 4.5 to 1.69 to preserve the same amount clarity in the gain structure.

The FW should have been called Kapow! as my guitars now knock the snot out of my cabs and monitors.

Must dig in more to the details on other amps, but the feel of the 5150 Block amp is now the way I remember it feeling in real life at gig volume.

Thanks @FractalAudio !
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