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Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release


New Member
I'll never get disappointed for checking out here once in a while! Baaam a new firmware! :D Thanks Cliff! What's the CF Hardness btw?

golden blue

a little over a year ago i was trying to decide between a helix or an XL+... sooo glad i went with the XL+. absolutely zero regrets/sticker shock/buyers remorse. the absolute best piece of guitar gear i have ever owned, worth every single penny. and just when i think there is no way it can possibly sound any better, Cliff drops this firmware update. (i hadnt updated past ares1.0 yet..) words fail at this point to describe how i feel beyond the dumbstruck "wow!' uttered forth from my mouth as i was playing through some of my favorite presets. and i thought quantum 10 sounded and felt amazing...

The pride you take in your work Cliff, is inspiring, as is your generosity. Thank you so much! i'll be a customer for life, and hopefully so will the others i can steer your direction. Thank YOU!
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