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Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

No. Seems to work fine with the current version.

There is one parameter missing in the editor: "Speaker Compliance".
So it would be nice to get an update ;-)

Nevertheless; "Ares One" is a big shot in my opinion!
Great last gift for us Axe-Fx II-users.

Many thanks to Cliff and the whole crew!!!
Has been a great journey over the years with the Axe ULTRA and II MK II.
You all did a great job!
We see us in the III-room some day ...

Kind regards from germany!


Tried it at rehearsal yesterday, with amp and cabs blocks reset, sounded sooo good !
Using jcm800, mark 2c++ and double verb. Thanks cliff


Fractal Fanatic
Great & thanks. BTW one of the amps was altered during switching back to 9.04 from Beta. Howbeit, will shortly move to the 1.0 ares version.
What is this speaker compliance parameter mentioned hereabove BTW ?
Would really like to see confirmed if amp resets are necessary or not.


Fractal Fanatic
Can folks go to the PORTA-BASS model and try that ????????
It freezes my Mark I unit


Power User
There is one more parameter missing in the editor: "Dyn Damping" (adv page of amp block).
That one has been missing for ever. Dynamic damping has been in the axe since whatever fw was on when I got mine 6 years ago, but never appeared in any axe edit
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