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Axe-FX II 9.0 Beta - which clip do you like better?

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
Here are two short takes I did just now; I changed one thing between the two (they are very similar).

Which do you prefer and why? (Note: I marked the takes with comments on the player). You can download the 24bit FLAC if you click through and download it from the SoundCloud site if you'd prefer to hear it more accurately.

What this is: I have a Luxxtone El Machete 22 in for review (I freaking love it btw) and am beta testing 9.0 Beta Firmware and using V2 IR's from Own Hammer.

This is recorded direct - 100% no processing at all - via USB into Reaper and ripped down. Guitar --> Axe-FX II --> USB --> Reaper. The signal chain is Amp/Cab/Reverb and I'm using the Friedman BE amp block with different OH V2 IR's. The question of preference is what setup with the IR's is preferred at least in a recording environment; that's the only change (one features one IR; the other is a mix). It's subtle, but I care about subtle things. LOL.



Cliff posted this on the Forum, so here's the user notes from the beta firmware for your reference; this is subject to change before production firmware is released:

************************************************** *****************************


Added eight “scenes” to each preset. Each scene allows for different combinations of bypass states and X/Y state (if applicable) for the effects. For example, Scene 1 may have everything bypassed while Scene 2 has several effects engaged. Furthermore, Scene 3 may be identical to Scene 2 except that one or more blocks have a different X/Y state. Scenes allow the user to easily switch between various combinations of bypass and X/Y states within a given preset. Furthermore, switching scenes does not disturb the routing so spillover is unaffected. Additionally, each scene stores the output level independently allowing for different volumes between scenes. Scenes can be changed via MIDI CC. Additionally, the mapping mode allows mapping a PC message to not only a preset but also a given scene. Scenes can be manually selected when in the Layout or Recall menu using the ‘A’ Quick Control knob. NOTE: spillover may be affected if switching between X/Y states if drastically different algorithms exist between the two states. For example, if one scene has a Digital Delay and the next scene uses a Tape Delay, spillover will probably not function correctly as these modes use different algorithms.

The Global Bypass continuous controller parameter has been replaced with the Scene Select continuous controller parameter since Scene Select can accomplish everything Global Bypass could ever do. Note that using Scene Select in place of Global Bypass will probably select Scene #8 (if the CC has values of 0 or 127). Existing presets will have all blocks engaged in the new scenes so the operation should be identical to Global Bypass.

New power amp modeling with improved dynamic response. This new modeling features improved transformer/plate interaction modeling resulting in better feel. The Supply Sag parameter is more responsive as a result. Additionally, crossover and transformer hysteresis distortion modeling is improved resulting in more overtones when playing softly. This also improves controlled feedback performance and yields a more aggressive tone at lower Power Tube Bias settings. The Global menu allows the choice of Version 9.xx, 8.xx or 7.xx modeling to suit individual tastes. Note that Version 9.xx is slightly quieter so don’t be swayed by Fletcher-Munson effects when evaluating differences.

Set TMA block Resolution mode to High by default.

Compressor block now has two Pedal types. “Pedal 1” is the same as before while “Pedal 2” uses a different algorithm which is smoother and pumps less.

Added Badger 30 model based on 30W version of Suhr Badger. This model has been placed in the position formerly held by the Spawn Fastrod model (see below).

All three “gears” of the Splawn Quickrod have now been modeled. The Spawn Fastrod has been renamed “Spawn Q-Rod 3rd”. “Spawn Q-Rod 1st” and “Spawn Q-Rod 2nd” models have been added. All three models now appear in order starting at position 101.

The Amp block Type parameter is now a dedicated page to facilitate selecting the desired type in light of the copious models available. Selection is afforded via the Value knob as well as the Navigation buttons. The Boost switch has been moved to the Advanced menu. The Boost stwitch is now also modifiable so it can be activated remotely.

Numerous MIDI enhancements to support Axe-Edit TNP.

Fixed incorrect bias value in Spawn Fastrod model.


i can definitely hear a difference. the second half sounds wider and slightly more distant. the first half is more focused and in your face. i preferred the second half when you wound down the guitar volume and it was almost clean....it sounded fuller, but i think i prefer the first half for the higher gain stuff, because it was a bit more "present" and i think that might translate better in a live situation. the second half might sound better in a recording situation, because it sounds like the cab is in a room with multiple mics on it and is very natural and airy. they both sounded terrific though - looking forward to trying v9 myself! can you make any comments about the beta version you're trying at the moment, compared to v8?


Listening here on my phone through headphones (not the most accurate source), I vote for the second half. Sounds a bit more full and round.


The dirty sections of the first take sound a bit more forward and "there." I like Take 1 for dirt.

Take two seems to have a meatier clean tone, which I prefer.

Caveat: my comments are only valid when you're noodling unaccompanied. With no band context, it's hard to tell which I'd prefer in a mix.


Fractal Audio Systems
Don't hear much difference. Can't say I'm too crazy about the IRs. Bass seems overhyped.


Power User
Preferred 2nd part....both sounded good but in the black and white world of my 10 year old daughter.... 1st part bad.... 2nd part good

(First part sounded good too, but don't tell my my daughter!)


Official G66 Support
2. Clip -> Stereo field increased, perhaps also more predelay. tonewise sounds to me much the same ...


Power User
Thru my headphones, had an exact opposite experience of simeon and Morphosis... first clip is more "stereo" sounding to me.


2nd part was too bassy for my taste, although it sounded bad ass. Overall both sounded quite similar, my guess was the 2 different IR's and I preferred the first IR, if that is what was happening...
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