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Axe FX II 5153 Ownhammer Mesa High Gain Essentials Crushing It


Thanks... Tempted to buy a couple other of the gain essential cab packs. I have the studio mix modern 4x12 one which is good but these gain essential packs seem to take it the minor step forward. Seems like a lot of the "amp modeling" world is taking baby steps at this point which is good because the sounds just go from awesome to more awesome.


Well... It is a pretty bare bones .syx. You would need to have the Ultra Res IR I made too using the High Gain Essentials IR from own hammer. I took some I liked and blended them to taste using cab lab.


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Wich Mesa ?? 5881 or EL34 or SS ? En or Ch 8/16 ?

I really end always blendi g the EN 5881 n*5 with something else ... I really like it with some Marshall V30 OH or Diezel too but only for High gain models ...

I have a 4x12 recto cab OS and maybe i'm so used to this sounds ... It's just perfect to my ears . At list for saturated/driven sounds
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