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Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00


Wow, that was fast - thanks.

Release notes:
Improved amp modeling.
Added Swap Scene function to Layout->Tools.
Fixed Plex block Shimmer Verb causing NaN if Reverb Size set to 0%.
Fixed Tone Match block erroneous results on preset recall due to uninitialized data.
Fixed sluggish Axe-Edit behavior after boot on high CPU presets.
Fixed Rotary block Input Select not working correctly.
Fixed Compressor block sidechain filter not working if gain set to 0.0 dB.


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The mark of a good modeler is the ability to do a good clean amp on the neck humbucker. The mark of an exceptionally good modeler is to do a good clean amp on the bridge humbucker. You really nailed it Fractal.


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Fw8 and 8b.
When adding a second cab and disabling it the first cab seems to stop working and it sounds like an amp without a cab.
Has anyone else experienced this issue? Just a simple amp and cab and add a second cab then disable it.
If you delete the second cab it goes back to normal.
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