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Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00

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Fractal Audio Systems
Go here for 18.01:
Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.01

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Overhauled the Compressor block:

  • Improved Auto-Makeup gain behavior.
  • Added Input Level switch. When set to INSTRUMENT the detector is optimized for guitar-level signals, i.e., before an amp block. When set to LINE the detector is optimized for post-amp level signals.
  • The Pedal, Optical, Tube, Analog, JFET and Dynamicomp types have been completely redone resulting in improved performance. These types now inherently perform automatic makeup gain.
  • Auto Attack/Release has been removed from the Pedal and Dynamicomp types as it is no longer applicable.
  • NOTE: Due to all these changes the behavior and output volume of the Compressor block may be different. It is recommended to audition any presets using the Compressor block and adjust as required.
Improved Stack/Hold implementation in Delay block so that “texture” is applied to audio when Stack/Hold is on.

Improved Amp block cathode follower algorithm. Algorithm now uses higher order solution of nonlinear ODE for more accurate low frequency response.

Improved Amp block power amp algorithm. New algorithm more accurately models dynamic changes in speaker impedance resulting in more “complexity”.

Improved Tape preamp types in Cabinet block.

Added check to prevent excessive message queuing, i.e., when selecting amp model using Value knob.

Added MUTE option to Output 1/2 Configuration. This allows muting the analog outputs while still passing data via USB. This can be used when using the Axe-Fx III in conjunction with computer plug-ins.

Added global Speaker Impedance Curve. When set to DEFAULT the speaker impedance curve used when selecting an amp model is the default curve for that amp model, otherwise it is the selected curve. NOTE: this does not affect existing presets. The selected curve is used only when selecting a new amp model.

Added Input Level switch to Compressor block. This allows tailoring the compressor’s response for instrument level or line level signals.

Added several new Impedance Curves to Amp block. Thank you to Dr. Bonkers Soundlab for these.

Added Modifier capability to LFO Enable and Mod Frequency in Filter block.

Added RCB Boost to Amp block Boost types.

Reduced CPU usage for background GUI tasks.

Fixed DS-1 Drive types have no gain when Drive is at 0.0.

Fixed Reverb pitch buffers not being cleared if Pitch Mix is zero.

Fixed Turbo version aborting processing at CPU usage lower than limit.

Fixed Angle Severe models becoming unstable with certain speaker impedance curves. Note: the presence network for these models has been updated. Presets using these amp models should be auditioned as the tone may have changed.

Various other fixes and improvements.
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