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Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Release


Fractal Audio Systems

The latest version of Axe-Edit to support this firmware can be found here:

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Added 10 FullRes IRs to the Legacy bank provided by Valhallir and York Audio. These are at the end of the bank. These can be loaded into the IR Player blocks or into Slots 3 and 4 of the Cabinet blocks. Note that Slots 1 and 2 of the Cabinet blocks do not support FullRes.

Adjusted Looper behavior so that when reaching the maximum recording time the behavior switches to that defined by Record 2nd Press ONLY on the first pass of a new recording.

Added dedicated Pitch Shifting to the Reverb block. This can be used to create “Shimmer Reverbs” easier than using separate Pitch and Reverb blocks (and with less CPU usage). Several new types are included to demonstrate the capability.

The Pitch Direction parameter controls the direction of the pitch shifters. FORWARD runs both shifters forward. REVERSE runs both in reverse. FOR/REV runs Voice 1 forward and Voice 2 in reverse. REV/FOR runs Voice 1 in reverse and Voice 2 forward.

The Pitch Position parameter controls the location of the pitch shifters. INPUT locates the shifters at the input of the block. MATRIX locates the shifters inside the reverb matrix. FEEDBACK locates the shifters in the matrix feedback loop. MATRIX and FEEDBACK can yield more intense effects and also helps the reverb “stick” to the notes better. FEEDBACK builds slightly slower than MATRIX. CAUTION: The MATRIX and FEEDBACK positions can cause instability at high values of Pitch Mix and Pitch Feedback. In general Pitch Feedback should be low or zero when using MATRIX or FEEDBACK.

Overhauled the Megatap block. See the updated Blocks Guide for details.

Added modulation to Diffusers in the Delay, Multitap and Megatap blocks.

Improved Auto-Swell type in Volume block. Added S-Taper to taper selections.

Added Modern Gate type to Gate block. This type is similar to the Classic Gate except the gate opens in a constant linear-in-dB manner. This naturally makes the attack slower as the gate first opens and can be used for both traditional gating and for special effects like audio swells.

Increased maximum sustain for the applicable types in the Compressor block. Existing presets are automatically updated.

Added new types to the Multitap Delay block.

Added new types to the Plex Delay block.

Added LFO for filter in Plex Delay block.

Added new types to Flanger block.

Improved accuracy of Master Volume in Amp block for low settings.

Improved accuracy of Drive block Drive control for low settings.

Fixed wrong resistor value in Solo 88 Lead input circuit. Impact is probably negligible.

Fixed wrong resistor value in USA Pre LD2 overdrive circuit. This increases gain slightly. You may need to audition any presets using these models and adjust gain accordingly.

Fixed Multitap block bandpass filters not being disabled if Master Q set to minimum.

Fixed block input not muting in bypass if Bypass Mode is Thru.

Fixed Chorus block left delay line getting unsynchronized when switching between types.

Fixed pressing Tuner button in Axe-Edit brings up Reverb UI.

Fixed Amp block power tube “kvb” not being set correctly in rare circumstances. This caused the output level of the amp block to change depending upon the previous preset used.

Fixed wrong B+ voltage for Temolo Lux amp model.

Fixed IR Capture not saving correctly if IR Type set to UltraRes.

Improved CPU usage.

Various other fixes and improvements.
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First time beta tester, can I use the normal auto update to put Release on or is there a different process. Thanks!
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