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Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2


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Tommy Tempest said:
Just performed the beta update and it wiped out all my preference settings in global and all midi settings for foot controllers.
Can I restore from a backup?

I noticed my global settings clobbered as well. First time ever to my recollection with an update.


one strange thing

when you want to align cabs now , with a mouse or whatever, the curve goes very fast and it's not easy to dial the distance like before .
before we can change the curve distance more accuratly, now it seems to be mad , and goes to 5 to 20 to 40 mm , very hard to make it slow

Click on the knob to highlight it and use the up and down arrow keys to move the wave form.
Also works with the click wheel on your mouse as well.


I have a control switch setup on my FC (set to momentary) to engage a input boost (set to shimmer) in the amp block. I'm using a global block...some presets are showing it automatically engaged. Only way to disengage it is to engage the FC switch. Save. Change preset go back its auto engaged again. Changing the boost type also doesn't change across my amp 1 global block. I suspect this is a bug as this was not the behavior before. Disengage the global block and resave a new global block and its doing the same thing. I should mention this specific preset came from my Fm9 as I made changes to it and transferred it back to my axe fx for convenience.
Also if you remove the modifier from the input boost. Save. Then change to a different preset the modifier is back on and the input boost is also engaged...is anyone else experiencing this?


These full res irs seriously 🤬

I still don’t know how they are involved in this when you just want to align standard irs curve ?
the max distance is now 3.4m for any ir so , i guess its still using the old code for the movement, which was precise enough earlier but now with 3.4m distance every move turns more cause it still has to cover go from 0-100%.with the same movement. Instead of optimizing it to fine tune it with same precision as before.
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