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Wish Axe-Fx 3 Mk2 Version with Wordclock AND/OR Non-Linear Convolution IR Capability


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1) Badly need wordclock for an Afx3mk2 due to needding to clock multiple racks unit and the Daw either to the DAW or to the AXEFX or to the other rack unit.... (or ideally to a dedicated clocking rack) and hence the following issues outlined in the threads below, and also wanting to use digital input without giving up the instrument input since apparently that is sacrificed:



2) non-linear convolution IR capability as outlined by two seperate members here in both AfX Ultra and Afx 2 Eras, whose opinions I wish to corroboate because Two notes has a very deep sound with a high level or realism beyond belief. [Later Edit, I now find the Fractal Factory Cabs to be just as realistic after further confirming with my Axefx3!].


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It would be much less effort to do a speaker modeler than all the legal nonsense in licensing and patent workarounds and claims (the original is due to expire) with non-linear convolution.
The Sintefex method is brute force and dsp intensive while the voltera kernel method has more finesse it's still very cpu intensive and high latency.
As most people should be able to observe with Axe FX by now, modeling is more than advanced enough to outshine older methods.
I don't disagree that linear IRs leave a lot to be desired and I'm sure Fractal has something in mind.


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But if someone can confirm the following which is hard to get clarification on from others in other threads...clarification that as long as I can run the axe 3 to the daw analog, come out of the daw aes into the axe then back, while the daw is BNC-clocked to a dedicated rack clock, and simultaneously can clock the axe on AES then I will go ahead with the invite for the purchase.

But I don't see how thats possible when the daw is clocked a different way to a rack with a different connector than AES.


Previous handle "Djenter"
1. The Axe-Fx III has word clock.

2. The Two Notes products do not use non-linear convolution. In fact the IR length is only 1024.
Looks like I was wrong about thinking Two Notes cab modeling has something higher def in it's sound.

I just ran the paces again in A/B-ing and find the native cabs to the AxeFX 3 to be just as good as Two notes, if not, better.

What has changed from the IRs of past units? Because this can't just be only due to the amp modeling. Its gotta be something going on I the cab block too. The IRs now have realistic airiness and dynamics. Even the older IRs. Even the bottom end sounds much fuller now.

Im not sure what it was before but something to do with a Kemper A/B-ing to the Afx2. Then comparing the Kemper to Two notes then Two notes sounding better. And now the Axefx3 cab block sounding equal to or better than the two notes cabs. So what is now the main ingredient improved in the Afx3? Is it just merely better converters on the way out of the afx3 to allow the impulse responses to be heard more clearly and deeply?

No need for the Torpedo Studio anymore. Lol
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