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Axe FX 2 + Scenes selection + MFC101


Hi, I've played live 2 times since I upgrade my AXE to FW 9 beta. I'm enjoying scenes but have some problem live when switching them via my MFC 101.

My IA switches (reveal) 1, 2 and 3 switch scenes (IA switch 1 switches between scene 1 and 2, IA switch 2 switches between 1 and 3 and finally IA switch 3 switches between scene 1 and 4).

Here is what it was programmed :

IA01 c1 Off000 On001
IA02 c1 Off000 On002
IA03 c1 Off000 On003

That was finally not what I wanted to play live. So, early this morning I decided to reprogrammed the MFC like this : IA switch 1 will select scene 1 (on or off), IA switch 2 will select scene 3 (on or off) and IA switch 3 will select scene 3 (on or off). I programmed the MFC101 like this :

IA01 c1 Off000 On000
IA02 c1 Off001 On001
IA03 c1 Off002 On002

And surprise : When I selected the preset, it will be, by default, on scene 3... I would expect scene 1 by default... what is my problem ? Or is it a bug ?



It's because each IA status is sent at preset change and #3 is the last one. You can disable that (MFC manual, section 5.2.5) but if you haven't used both switch link groups for something else yet you might prefer this: Set all Off values to "Off" (no value sent) and link the IAs (section 5.4), then store the preset with the scene 1 switch on. That will give LED indication of the current scene.


Many thanx, but could you give me an exemple of how to setup LINK properly ? Scenes are working ok now when I select a preset, but when I select scene 2 of that preset, the IA button of scene 1 stays GREEN.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm french speaking.

Thanx again
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