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Axe fx 2 mk1 digital clipping, low recording volume, will not factory reset. Fixable or broken?


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Hi there hope everyones staying safe out there!
I'm having a few issues with my Axe fx 2 mk1 ares 2.0. Going direct via USB (with thunderbolt 3 hub) into MacBook Pro 2018 2.2g 6core i716gb ram Logic pro x monitoring through the headphone output on the axe fx

I just bought this unit off ebay after a ton of research, and although I really don't want to I am able to return it if need be, before I do I want to make sure I'm not just making a stupid mistake or missing something simple

I've tried to factory reset everything multiple times based on the wiki instructions but the presets just do not sound right. I owned an axe fx ultra about 10 years ago and don't remember having this many problems

1) the first 49 presets have a rotary and enormous reverb automatically active (bug?) the reverb seems too big for anyone to want to use and the cpu usage for all this is pushing 80%

2) More than half of the presets are digitally clipping and I'd have to go into each preset amp to adjust the amp level (not the end of the world I know, but I don't think fractal would have the unit ship from the factory with all these issues to correct before you even get a chance to play

3) the recording volume going into logic is super low no matter what setting I crank in the axe fx

4) several of the presets have delays that go on forever causing gnarly feedback

Ive seen a few videos and read a bit about the clipping and how to fix it. I totally understand if I make a preset that clips I just can't believe it would do so after factory resretting everything. I found a few links to the wiki that seemed promising but the links are no longer active :'(
Any guidance is greatly appreciated if I can get it to a truly factory reset I think I get figure it out from there!


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I have several times but the rotary and reverb are always active on the first 49 presets and the clipping is just insane on all the other presets. The issues are workable (I can bypass the effects and gain stage all the presets) but that doesn't seem right to need too do after resetting which worries me, I'm concerned if these are obvious issues, are there other settings that are not right that are less obvious?


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The one step I was confused about was loading the 'empty preset bank' to clear the unit. where do I find the empty present file to send through fractal bot?


Are you sure you loaded the factory presets? I don't think the 1st 49 all have Rotary...

Also, most factory presets do not use a lot of CPU.

Do you have these issues when you only plug in your guitar and headphones and nothing else?

I'm wondering if something in logic is sending midi causing weird issues...

I don't have the Axe Fx II anymore, so can't check anything myself.

You can go into Axe Manage Presets in Axe-Edit and select/delete presets in bulk...


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Thank you guys so much for your help I realize my mistake I only installed the firmware, now that the presets are installed everything seems to be working as intended! Such a relief and it sounds great!

I'd still like to completely factory reset if possible, does anyone know where I can find the blank sysex file to send through fractal bot or is @unix-guy suggestion to delete the patches via axe edit the best route?


If you reset the 'System Parameters' in the Utility menu. And then loaded the latest Factory presets, you should be good.

You can either start a new preset with a copy of a Factory preset that is close, or 'clear' any preset in Axe-Edit before starting a new one in the Axe-Manage Preset utility in the 'Tool' tab.

Click on the 'Tools' tab, select Axe-Manage Presets, click ok for the warnings, select the preset slot/slots, press 'Delete' on your keyboard, or right-click to open the drop-down window with more options.


Usually “too much reverb” means an issue with the headphone connection. Jiggle the connection lightly at the headphone jack. Usually a bad adaptor or headphone cable causes this.

As for the rotary sound, if it continues after adjusting the headphone connection, I’d recommend uploading the factory presets again to start fresh.
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