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Bug? Axe Fx 2 Mk1 blank screen, all LEDs on


New Member
Hey Fractal brothers!

I purchased a used Axe Fx 2 Mk1 a few days ago. Plugged it in, played for a good few hours, couldn't be any happier. Then I check the FW and it turned out to be not up-to-date. So I installed Fractal Bot, downloaded Quantum 10.01 for my Axe, plugged in via USB and followed the instructions.

All went well till it asked to turn off the device and turn back on in 5 sec. Did that and in maybe 10-20 seconds I heard strange noise (white noise) and cracking from the speakers. I turned them off. The screen on the Axe was blinking in a weird way and then just got blank and all LEDs went on - and it stays that way. Switching o and off does nothing.

Since then I can't restore anything, tried RECALL + Power On, Pages < > + Power On...nothing. I've seen threads similar to this one, but they're are quite old (2016 smth). Just thought I might get some suggestions here.

This is so frustrating, didn't get even near enough of my Axe and this happened.



New Member
Found this, which sounds similar;

"In the rare event that the Axe-Fx will only boot to a blank screen (sometimes with one or more LEDs frozen) this indicates that the firmware update process has failed and the unit will require a new bootable ROM."

Have contacted Fractal Audio via the support page?
Yep, thank you, this looks very similar, not sure though what happened to the OP's Axe.
Submitted a ticket to Fractal support, hoping for the better.

In case it's EPROM, this seems to be quite a frequent issue.


New Member
Not sure about frequent. I’ve had my MK-I for almost 5 years and knock on wood, no issues.

Did you have a controller, like an MFC, plugged in during the update?
Lucky you. No, I don't have a controller at all. All I had was my laptop connected via USB and speakers via XLR outputs.
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