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AXE FX 2 Guitar competition video TONE!!!! :)


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are u even playing the chord bits at the start?
doesnt look like it!
but really like the sound
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Nice tone. Can you cover what you're using, as far as building the preset? PS- Love the Marshall window dressing, nice touch.


here is a competition that i tried to enter...apparently I'm blocked from entering....the host, not to mention any names has blocked me because of a misunderstood statement I made over a wampler pedal...at the time I was a wampler demo artist too...go figure...I guess he still hasn't got over it yet? oh well, cool track though and I love the tone I'm getting with the axe fx 2.
Nice demo Jason. Thanks for posting.

Not sure how to interpret your post but I am curious, can you tell us what competition?



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That was seriously axecellent playing and tone man! Very, very nice. Your bends are really smooth and controlled.


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Wooow!!! Nice playing....great tone!
You've got some REALLY cool licks going on.

Also on this video: Blue Noize Competition - Jason Hobbs - YouTube (Hope you don't mind me advertising for one of your other youtube vids here?) Are you using the Axe on this one too? F A N T A S T I C playing and feel!!!
Guess you're a Page fan ? (retorical question:))
Do you do lessons?


Hey man, love the playing.The tone is awesome as well. I'd love to know deets on the preset - are you willing to share?


thanks guys! I was just using a stock preset...recto amp...turned up the mix on the delay slightly...thats all. cheers!
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