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Axe Fest West Coast 2012 Video Comments Thread


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Very cool and thanks to everyone who helped put all of this together....I'm looking forward to the watching the coming releases...

Scott Peterson

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Killer - Mark tore it up... and it was early in the day!!!

Massive thanks to Jack and Scott for shooting this tirelessly over the two days. You'll get a feel for how hard they worked; and special thanks for slaving on this is owed to Jack Donaldson. You did a great job.
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Thank you so much for your commitment, Jack & Scott! Just by watching this first video, you've done an awesome job! The community thanks you!


I can't wait until you guys upload the Tosin performance! I thought he was going to fall backwards trying to manage the MFC/boomerang combo. With any luck we'll be able to see M@ gettin jiggy with it off to the side by the mixer :)


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Has something been edited out by accident as there doesn't appear to be a video or link in this thread to a video ?


Big thanks to all involved! I was unable to attend and as such really appreciate the opportunity to see some of it. Thanks again!


Awesome! I really enjoyed the video's. Looking forward to the rest. Thanks for all the work that has been put into this.


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Thanks for all the hard work everyone including the presenters and the filmmakers. I'll be checking these out over the weekend.
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