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Axe-Edit WORKING on OSX BigSur /M1


New Member
Hi there.
Since i have bought a new Mac and didnt wanted to part ways with my Axe Ultra i was a little let down that the Axe Edit is not supported anymore.
But i probably found a one way solution. One way i mean that i managed to get it working on a MBP2020 /M1 Big Sur, but i can only edit and send presets to Axe Fx but cant get anything from it. Like import presets from it to the Mac. Yet...

You need to do the following steps.
1. Download Axe Edit legacy for Ultra/Std windows EXE file!!!
2. Download this Wineskin Wineskin Winery v1.8.4.2 from github
3. Start Wineskin and press + icon to download a new engine and choose a WS11WineCX64Bit (the latest with the highest numbers like 20.0.0.)
4. After that You might need to update the Wrapper Version if not then skip to 5
5. Create a new Blank Wrapper and name it Axe-Edit (this might take a few seconds)
6. Go to user/applications/wineskin (or it might be a different name if you installed exchange or parallels before) or just after instalation hit view wrapper in finder
7. Right click on the wrapper you named Axe-Edit and Show Package Contents and drag your Axe-Edit.exe into the drive_c folder
8. Click on the Wineskin icon in the package content (where the drive_c is too) and hit install software - Choose Setup Executable - (choose drive_c from recents)
and click on the AxeEdit.exe

9. Hit next next next and after the instalation dont hit launch Axe-Edit yet.
10. Click on the Wineskin icon in the package content again and now click Advanced - Tools - Winetricks - then search for MIDI - (not sure if you need to all everything or just some both for the sake checkmark everything what will appear) then hit Update Winetricks at the bottom.

Now you can connect your Axe via USB MIDI and launch AXE EDIT... in the settings choose MIDI in and MIDI out and you are good to go.

As i said im still trying to figure out the way to communicate from the Axe Fx but at least this might be helpfulllll...
I still hope Fractal will do something about this issue and update its MacOs Axe Edit or something. I know its an old HW and everything but it still sounds much better than anything in the competition.
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