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Axe-Edit not syncing with AxeFX2 (Mk2)


Hey, Gang...

Brand new owner of a gently used Axe FX II Mk2... I've spent the past couple of days installing drivers, software, etc... Even managed some time to actually play the guitar too! :)

I apologize if this topic is not new. I tried searching but, being new, I'm not sure I'm using the correct key words. I have an FCB1010 midi pedal board that I've been using with Guitar Rig and have both the UnO and Eureka PROMS (Eureka currently installed). I had very little trouble getting the FCB1010 talking with the Axe FX2. But I've found a minor annoyance/issue that I'm hoping is a setup issue which is easily corrected.

I want to primarily interact with the Axe FX2 via the PC that I have in my studio room. I'm finding that the effects chain is not being updated when a midi command from the FCB1010 bypasses a block. In contrast, if the details for Wah block details are shown on-screen and I mess with the expression pedal, the Wah control knob moves in real time. if I adjust the value knob on the unit, this seems to trigger an update from the Axe FX2 to Axe Edit, refreshing the current state of the effects chain to bring the unit and the Axe Edit screen.

Is there something I'm doing wrong here? I'm looking for the state shown in Axe Edit to reflect the state of the unit in a realtime way (or at least somewhat close).

Many thanx.


Fractal Fanatic
My unit does the same thing I assume that is the way it is. it does not bother me though because if I am playing for real or recording I do not run axe edit at same time, It really messes things up when you change a preset while on axe edit for a few seconds.
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