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Axe-Edit III 1.08.08 (supports fw 16.00 public beta)

Michael Pickens

FAS Software Engineer
Fractal Audio Systems
Axe-Edit III 1.08.0, which supports firmware 16.00 public beta, is available below:



Win 64:


VERSION 1.08.08
FEBRUARY 19, 2021

Current Axe-Fx III Firmware Version: 15.02

  • Mac version requires OS version 10.7 or newer
  • Windows version requires Windows 7 or newer
  • Minimum firmware version 3.02


* Support for firmware 16.00 public beta
o Updated the AMP layouts.

* The "Available Devices" dialog is displayed if more than one Axe-Fx III device is connected and powered on when launching the application.
o When connecting to a device from the "Available Devices" dialog, the Presets and User Cabs of the selected device will always be queried regardless of the options selected in the Preferences dialog.
o On Windows, if you have more than one Axe-Fx III connected and powered on but the "Available Devices" dialog is not shown when the editor is launched, please check the "FASUSBAudio Control Panel" applet in the System Tray. If the applet's Status tab does not show a dropdown in the "USB Audio Device", then the USB driver has not loaded both devices. Please disconnect and reconnect one of the device's USB cables until both devices are shown in the applet. If the applet does not "see" the devices then the editor will not see them either.

* Modified the Block Library's "Save" and "Save As" functionality to display a prompt to overwrite an existing block if the entered name matches an existing block library entry.

* The "Preset Leveling" panel has been given a hotkey to toggle its view state. (Mac: Command+L . Windows: Ctrl+L)

* Added the ability to name the Axe-Fx III device from the SETUP Config page using the "Device Name" field.
o The editor will display the device name under the "Connected!" icon, found in the upper-left hand portion of the window.
o The Axe-Fx III will display the device name in the upper-left hand corner of the HOME screen. If the editor's name field is empty then the HOME screen will display the default "Axe-Fx III".
o The "Available Devices" dialog will also display each connected device's name when set.

* Added a "Recent Presets" submenu to the top-level Presets menu. This menu is also available by Ctrl+Clicking (Windows) or Command+Clicking (macOS) the Presets button. This menu holds up to 10 of the most-recently-used presets and is saved/loaded between invocations of the editor.

* Added the assigned Filter Colors from the Amp and Cab picker to the Manage Presets and Manage Cabs window.

* Added Next and Previous search buttons to the Manage Presets and Manage Cabs windows.

* Added a Browser toggle button to show/hide the Browser pane in the Manage Presets and Manage Cabs windows.

* Modified the INPUT layout so that the Auto Impedance displays the dynamic impedance from the device.

* Updated internal Fractal-Bot to version 3.0.8.
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I'm on a laptop at the moment, i.e. no mouse.
I don't know how to control this thing properly.
Normally, I can open in a new tab by just clicking with 'shift.'
Went on a search, says to 'shift' + F10. Didn't work, then tried for 3rd time, got 'open link in new tab' appearing, selected it, and it's downloaded.

Many thanks for this, bud, and I hope you're enjoying the new firmware.


Fractal Fanatic
I'm clicking on Win 64 and it's not downloading. No probs downloading firmware beta.
Any advice please?
Happened to me to - When I said "Download link" Chrome said, it was not safe - I obviously did it anyway, but that might be the reason for nothing happening, when you just click on it.

Ken O

Not downloading here either on a Mac system....checked the website and I can't get it there either....


Power User
* Modified the Block Library's "Save" and "Save As" functionality to display a prompt to overwrite an existing block if the entered name matches an existing block library entry.

As mentioned above, this is great - thanks!!!
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