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Axe-Edit III 1.06.11


Super tool for leveling presets! And many thanks for fixing the problem with the saturation switch.


Fractal Fanatic
Preset Levelling is excellent - saves moving back and forth between amp and output blocks when levelling - thankyou!


Thanks Mickael for the new presets leveling window.
is it possible to add a button somewhere in main ae windows + a shortkey to activate it without passing but the top menu to save time.
thanks in advance
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Davus PG

Wow - I look forward to trying this. I use scene controllers to control the level for each scene on a PEQ block, but this will allow me to have the levelling window open on one screen and adjust scene controllers on the other - This looks super cool - thanks

@Smittefar What are the benefits of using scene controllers on the PEQ block for scene levels? I've been using a scene controller on the cab block level to tweak my scene levels since a few years back on the AX8 when you posted a video on how you were using them back then. What made you switch to the PEQ? Is the EQ setting constant and you just change the level?


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I think there is no difference. With my current setup, it just made more sense to use a PEQ block (that is always on and never change channel)

My workflow is the same as on the AX8 - I just use a different block now


Great addition....kudos.....!

One request/comment.....it takes up a lot of screen real estate (MacBookPro). Any chance it can be a scalable window? Or tighten up window ( less grey, smaller knobs etc).... maybe as a vertical strip running the entire edge of the AXE Edit screen either left or right.

Also would be nice if it brings itself to front when AXE Edit is selected....currently stays hidden behind other windows.

Either way great addition.....

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