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Axe-Edit III 1.05.08

Michael Pickens

FAS Software Engineer
Fractal Audio Systems
Axe-Edit III 1.05.08 is now available via auto-update or from our website:



VERSION 1.05.08
MARCH 25, 2020

Current Axe-Fx III Firmware Version: 12.05

  • Mac version requires OS version 10.7 or newer
  • Windows version requires Windows 7 or newer
  • Minimum firmware version 3.02


* Corrected a bug in the Scene Manager. The "Copy to" or "Swap with" function now correctly copies the scene name from which the menu is displayed and not the name of preset's current scene.

* Added button "Reset All Labels" to the Perform screen.

* Added "Current View" to the FC Controllers: Devices dialog. This column is displayed when the firmware is 12.06 or greater.

* Corrected the version displayed in the FC Controllers: Devices dialog when the device has beta firmware installed.

PLEASE NOTE: Scene changes made from the front-panel or the editor (including the "Scene Manager") remain in effect until you save them or discard them by loading a different preset without saving. Changes made via footswitches or MIDI, however, may work differently, depending on a Global setting called Scene Revert. With Scene Revert turned ON, Scene changes are discarded as soon as you load a new Scene from a footswitch. [Please refer to Chapter 6, Scene Revert, in the Axe-Fx III Owner's Manual for more information.]


It says current Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.05 but I'm assuming that's a typo considering the last one was also for 12.05.. yes?


New Member

Quick question. For the moment, I would like to retain FW12.03 on my Axe Fx III, until FW12.05 is officially released.

I am currently running V1.5.6 of Axe Edit and when I ran it, Axe Edit notified me of an update to 1.5.8.

Should I wait to update Axe Edit to V1.5.8 at the same time I update my Axe Fx III to FW12.05?

Are Axe Edit V1.5.8 and Axe Fx FW12.03 compatible?

Thank You
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