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Axe Edit I/O & MIDI setting


New Member
Hi there,
I've just downloaded the beta release of AXE EDIT...

in the MIDI Setting menu I can't find anything 'bout MIDI MAPPING and all the other I/O setting (audio inputs & outputs ecc...)

please, Someone can help me?


Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
There is no MIDI mapping in Axe-Edit. In fact, you need to DISABLE MIDI MAPPING if you have it turned on in your Axe-Fx, or things won't work correctly.

Axe-Edit has NO AUDIO features either, so there is nothing related to that. It is strictly an in-out MIDI editor.


New Member
I undestrstood...
so if I wanna map the patches I'm supposed to use "other" editors.... for example... the liquid foot one? maybe?

thanx a lot



You can set up mapping on the Axe-FX; just *disable it before using Axe-Edit. Or map with the footcontroller (or its editor) if that's more convenient.

*If you need Axe mapping, footcontroller, Axe-Edit working simultaneously this seems to work: Sync banks first (always sync if you've made any edits via front panel since the last sync). In Axe-Edit disable "Auto-recall from Axe-FX on preset change", enable "Auto-audition on preset change / import". Axe-FX & Axe-Edit preset numbers won't match while editing but it will save to the correct location, the number shown in Axe-Edit.
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